Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is the province truly green?

There is alot of hype around the premiers office of supporting green energy projects but is it just hype? The province simply needs more energy production, currently 13% to 18% of the energy is purchased either in Alberta and/or California and the maindate of the province is to be self sufficient by 2016 and the premiers office also wants to lower CO2 emmissions by 30%! hence the monatorium on coal fired plants - Currently in the provinces energy policy, there is a $38/ton penalty for burning coal in the province! But can it be done? the answer by most IPP's today is NO unless they increase price per Mh/h for EPA - In my humble opinion, this would encourage a flood of billions of dollars into the province for new energy development, why? because Independent Power Producers could finally show investors and financiers that there is money to be made! Look at Ontario for example, since the FIT (feed in tariff) program was established over $8B was invested in the first year! The province needs to step up and put their money where their mouth is! Until IPP's get another 15% increase in PPA there will be little or hardly any new green energy projects built in this province!
James Ward
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