Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stock and Real estate is crashing, what to do: BUY NOW!!

Over the last few months I have seen the worst and best in people - when one looses 50%-75% of their equity positions in the public markets almost overnight, it can run havic on personalities. The old saying " when things get tough, the tough get going" certainly holds value in todays business atmosphere. If you selected your investments by sound business practices, [ strong revenue, good management, solid products, high demand, etc.] in my opinion, most of your investments will come back eventually - honestly! If however you picked your buying positions from a hunch or suggestion from guy next door - you can basically "kiss" your investments bye-bye. Same holds true for real estate - yes, the market is dive bombing right now BUT eventually will come back [probably stronger than ever] - just be patient - OK, try to sweat it out.
I guess, the bottom line is you should NEVER buy stock or real estate unless you can cover the debt without stress or afford to loose it all, right? WRONG!! Unless you want to live like the majority, paycheck to paycheck - no risk does equal no gain - just be smart about your investments. If you buy real estate, buy in a good location, at the bottom of the market, or if you buy SOUND stocks, and buy at or near the bottom of the market. Remember, when most people are selling, it is the time to be buying! sounds simple, right? Tell that to the guy who just about lost his entire nest egg - life is not simple, neither is making money in real estate or stocks -
My advise - do NOT follow the herd - do your homework and most of all always keep cash available when opportunity comes knocking and believe it or not the time to INVEST IS NOW!
Don't just believe me, ask Warren Buffett!